Digital Generations Project

Digital Generations


The pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 has highlighted, now more than ever, the need for our elders to learn how to use new technologies to keep in touch with the world.

The Digital Generations project aims to provide the elderly with digital skills that will enable them to be active on the web and communicate with their loved ones. To this end, Digital Generations believes that the best teachers for this are young people, who are highly active on social media and have a great knowledge of digital tools. Thus, the project aims, through an intergenerational experience between the elderly and the youth, to empower the elders in the use of the internet, with the main objective of improving their quality of life.

To this end, the project is working on the development of various manuals and guides to support young people in this process of teaching the elderly, and to help them recognise the competences that need to be reinforced and the tools that can be used to do so.

Next, the specific objectives of the Digital Generations Project.

Digital Generations Projects

Specific Objectives

Active Ageing

To promote active ageing by teaching the elderly in the use of new technologies.

Social Inclusion

To promote the social inclusion and good mental health of elder citizens.


To reduce the situation of isolation of elder citizens.


To promote the use of creativity amongst the elderly.


To promote intergenerational learning by creating new synergies between adult education organisations and youth work organisations.

New Tools

To research and collect good practices and new digital tools that can be used for creative expression.


To create a training and mentoring methodology that is based in intergenerational training to support the creative process of elder citizens in the digital context.


To give guidelines for other municipalities and key organisations to implement such a programme at their local, regional or national level.


To disseminate the project results at local, regional, national and international level.

Intergenerational learning to enhance senior digitalisation

Digital Generations
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